The worldwide spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 and the declaration of a state of emergency in Estonia also create a situation of legal abnormality that can lead to misunderstandings in everyday matters and to the reorganization of the activities of different persons.

For example:

  1. Employment law – Can employees be denied and under which conditions can employees be denied access to employment? Can employees be forced to take a leave / an unpaid leave? Is it possible to unilaterally lower employees’ salary?
  2. Force majeure – Who may be subject to the force majeure clause in the current situation? When is the non-performance of contractual obligations justified by the force majeure clause? What if the contract does not contain a force majeure clause or the use of force majeure is completely excluded?
  3. Tax law – How to optimize tax liability when a business has encountered difficulties?
  4. Reorganization and Bankruptcy – When should a business think about reorganizing the business? How to successfully complete the reorganization proceedings? When shall the business have an obligation to file for bankruptcy? How does one file for bankruptcy?
  5. Emergency situation – Who is affected and how? What are the restrictions? Which measures can the government impose in an emergency and who will suffer the damage?

The tense situation generates a great deal of different opinions that can lead to conflict. Our attorneys will advise you on all of the above and other legal issues and help you resolve any disputes that may arise.