"The foundation of professional legal assistance is honesty, diligence and versatile knowledge of our attorneys."

Raivo Laus, Managing partner


Law office Laus & Partners was founded in 1992 in Tallinn. We are a traditional law office with many years of experience providing a full range of professional legal services in all areas of law. Our eight attorneys and one lawyer represent individual clients as well as corporations and institutions in complex civil and administrative matters in courts, before administrative agencies and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings. We also counsel clients on a wide range of issues to prevent problems from arising or escalating into litigation. We are deemed as a mid-sized law firm in Estonia with experienced support staff and extensive legal resources. The law office has long time practise in big bankruptcy cases.

Our legal representation is founded upon years of experience in our areas of practice. In order to provide the best advice and assistance to our clients, we mainly specialize in civil and contract law, business and company law, property and real estate law, bankruptcy law, administrative law, labour law, intellectual property law, European Union law, litigation and arbitration. We are professionals in business and civil law having experience in conducting many international transactions, IPO process, establishing banks etc.

The law office provides diversified legal services to individuals and business entities, including commercial banks, manufacturing companies, professional and other services companies, health care entities, real estate development companies, oil and oil transit service companies, broadcasting companies and not-for-profit institutions. You can find a brief description of all services on our services page.

Partner Raivo Laus is a judge in the Court of Arbitration of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is substitute judge in Court of Honour in Estonian Bar Association.

We provide legal services in Estonian, Russian and English languages.

Law office Laus & Partners is the member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and international network of independent law firms network ADVOC.