Legal assistance offered by Laus & Partners law office is based on the expert knowledge, the highest standards of professional ethics and coordinated teamwork of our attorneys. We offer our clients a comprehensive legal approach in order to find optimal solutions for the most difficult problems.

We advise clients on establishment, division, merger and liquidation of businesses, on buying and selling shares and stock. We also prepare necessary contracts and other documents. We will recommend the best structure for running a particular business; offer an advice on preparation of business plans as well as finding necessary funding opportunities and investors. We offer advice on increase and decrease of the share capital, repurchase of shares, payment of dividends, as well as on the contractual relationship between the shareholders.

Our attorneys possess extensive experience of advising in connection with investment in foreign countries (including preparation of contracts aimed to protect investments in a particular country), with regard to guarantees in case of termination of the investment and establishment of stable relationship between the shareholders.

We participated in preparation and execution of an IPO (initial public offering), which resulted in the company shares being traded on the London and New York exchanges.

Attorneys of our law office provide legal assistance in the field of competition law. We have advised and represented clients in the matters related to the analysis of the competitive environment, prohibited agreements, dominant market position and unfair competition.

Our office provides quality solutions to all kinds of problems regarding crypto-assets (e-money, ICO, STO, ETO, securities and other new financial instruments).

E-residency is a state-issued secure digital identity for non-residents of Estonia that allows them to use e-services of Estonia anywhere in the world. E-residents receive a smart ID-card with a microchip that contains certificate for authentication and certificate for digital signatures and an ID-card reader. Digital authentication allows the user to access different e-services and to log in to any online portals that recognize this type of authentication.

E-services include the following online services:

  • signing of documents;
  • exchanging encrypted documents;
  • establishing companies and make changes in the Commercial Register;
  • accessing land cadaster;
  • conducting secure bank transactions;
    declaring taxes.

We have experience in assisting our client with:

  • Becoming an e-resident (applying for e-residency);
  • Establishing a company in Estonia;
  • Acquiring real estate and other property in Estonia.

We can provide consultation regarding advantages and possibilities on the use of e-residency.

Our attorneys have a long-term experience in the field of environmental law. Specializing in the waste management, we have prepared sample document packages on waste disposal for local government, have advised local governments and their unions on the issues of waste disposal, and have drafted numerous legislation amendment proposals and justifications in the field of waste management. We have extensive experience in counseling with regard to various “problem products” and packaging: we assisted in establishing of a manufacturer liability organization and provided advice to various organizations related to manufacturer liability and packaging.

In the area of family law we specialize primarily in matters of division of joint property, establishment of parenthood and settlement of children-related disputes. We have extensive experience in resolving domestic and international disputes, including those related to child abduction situations.

We also advise our clients on the matters of inheritance, and in disputes arising with regard to the estate.

Our law office regularly provides legal assistance on questions of bankruptcy and reorganization - both for debtors and creditors. We participate in preparation and execution of bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings and we represent our clients in court and extrajudicial proceedings.

We prepare contracts in connection with intellectual property, including licensing and software development agreements. We protect rights of our clients in court proceedings related to copyrights, trademarks, patents, utility models and other intellectual property issues.

Providing professional and high-quality legal advice in the field of IT law has been one of the priorities in our business for a long time. Considering the scope of different problems arising in IT law we will be mentioning only some of the more important fields in which we have successfully advised our clients in.

Legal issues regarding e-solutions: 

  • e-residency;
  • different e-services and advantages/problems associated with them;
  • registration of legal entities in Estonia together with acquiring all the necessary licenses (financial-, crypto- and other technical licences);

Legal advice in relation to implementation of different digital technologies: 

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); 
    crypto-assets (e-money, ICO, STO, ETO, securities and other new financial instruments);
  • start-up investments;
  • IPO of tech. legal entities;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI);
  • cyber-security.

All attorneys of our law office represent clients in court, arbitration and enforcement proceedings. In additional they are listed in the directory of conciliators of the Estonian Bar Association.

Our attorneys have repeatedly acted as judges of the Court of Arbitration of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We advise employers and employees, and represent them in courts and in labor dispute commissions.

Attorney at law Madis Kiisa was elected a member of the labor dispute commission as a representative of employers.

Providing legal advice in the field of law of obligations and in particular of contract law is an important part of our business. We prepare various contracts that operate within local and international law environments; we represent clients in negotiation and execution of contracts, as well as in the settlement of contractual disputes.

We have long-term experience in advising clients in real estate transactions. We provide legal assistance on all matters arising in connection with acquisition and execution of lease of land and buildings located on it, mortgages, development rights and easements with regard to real estate, as well as in connection with construction process. We advise clients in real estate transactions, in communication with notaries, the property register and local governments, as well as in dealing with any pretrial and courtroom issues arising during the proceedings.

Our attorneys provide legal assistance in proceedings on misdemeanors of economic nature (including proceedings on tax matters and bankruptcy, as well as misdemeanors in the field of competition). We also advise and represent clients in administrative and criminal proceedings in connection with suspected money laundering (in the Financial Intelligence Unit and in courts of law).

We advise individuals and businesses on implementation of construction planning, as well as on with regard to applying for building and use permits, including advice on challenging the already issued decisions and advice on court proceedings. We possess long-term experience in advising local governments on the issues arising at various stages of planning procedure.

We advise public procurement administrators of the questions related to public procurement notices and other documents. We assist suppliers in performing legal analysis of respective documents and preparation of claims. We represent our clients in the Public Procurement Dispute Commission and (where necessary) in subsequent administrative proceedings.

We provide assistance in preparation of all necessary documents relevant for applying for Estonian residents permits and other immigration instruments. 

Residence permit may be temporary or long-term.

An alien, who is not a citizen of the European Union, may apply for a temporary residence permit:

  • for settling with a spouse
  • for settling with a close relative
  • for settling permanently in Estonia
  • for study
  • for employment
  • for business
  • to participate in Criminal Proceedings

An alien, who is not an European Union citizen, can apply for a long-term residence permit, if:

  • he/she has resided in Estonia permanently for five years on the basis of temporary residence permit directly prior submitting an application for long-term residence permit;
  • he/she holds a valid temporary residence permit;
    the data of his/her place of residence has been entered into the population register of Estonia;
  • he/she has permanent legal income for subsistence in Estonia;
  • he/she is covered with health insurance (Eesti haigekassa);
  • he/she complies with the integration requirement, i.e. he/she has knowledge of the Estonian language at least at B1 level established by the language act or level corresponding to that.

For many years our law office successfully represents clients in tax disputes. We advise clients on state and local taxes, as well as on the matters of international taxation. We perform analysis of decisions and administrative acts of tax authorities, and represent clients in administrative court proceedings.